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Daphne Mixed Media Relief

Buying Original Art

I firmly believe that buyers must see original artwork before buying - a photograph on a computer screen is not adequate to make a sound purchase decision.  As such, I do not sell my originals on the internet.


If you are interested in my work, I would love for you to see it live!

  • The Funkyard always has a few of my pieces on display. If you contact me in advance of your visit, I can arrange to make sure the piece you are interested in is there.

  • Attend an Exhibition of my work.  My work is typically in several group exhibitions at any given time.

  • Attend a Reception.  I attend all the listed opening receptions unless the description specifically says otherwise, so I can answer any questions.


You may also visit my online Poster Store, which sells novelty posters of many of my artworks, made from the same digital photos you see online.

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